What is affiliate program?

How It Works

Simply promote linxtter on your website with custom banners and links. For every visitor who clicks through these links and signs up, your receive 15% commission. Help others learn why linxtter is so great. The more you do so, the more you make!

What's in it for you?

  • Free to Join
    Signing up takes only a few minutes and is completely FREE. You'll receive a unique tracking code for use on your website right away.
  • Unlimited Earnings
    There's no cap on the amount of commissions you can earn. Refer as many people as you'd like; we won't ever hold you back.
  • Dedicated Team
    Our affiliate managers are committed to helping you succeed. They're always on hand with support, insight, and personalized advice.

When will i get paied

you can request payment any time as long as your current balance has exceeded the minimum threshold of $150.

How can i track my commissions

You can track your commissions on our affiliate page, all what you have to do it is login to you account on our website and choose affiliate button on the top navigation.

NOTE: All payments will release in American dollars ($)
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