Premium Template Design

Premium template design is a product build for customers who want to design premium template for their Linxtter website. this services include both designing and programing the template according to linxtter recent version.
The product will help our customers to achieve new website design that fits their corporate side even better.
After your order is activated, you need to download our Design KIT document and fill up all the necessary information required by our design team. By doing so? Our designer will be able to have a closer look at your design requirements.
Shortly after activating your order, our design team will review your order and contact you to discuss your design requirement, At that point we expect that you have already filled up all necessary information together with the reset of the material as per documents.

Downloading Design KIT documents:

  1. Login to your account (document will not show if your not logged in)
  2. On top menu, Navigate to Support / Downloads
  3. Click Premium Template Design Documents category
  4. Find Design Kit - English and download it to your hard disk ( your desktop is recommended )

How to edit Design KIT:
After downloading the document, you need to open it using Adobe Acrobat, Otherwise you won't be able to save your provided data. To download FREE copy of Adobe Acrobat visit adobe website or click here

NOTE : Required text fields are highlighted in red, these information should not be ignored.

Required material:

  1. Logo in illustrator or any vector format
  2. Corporate images form your business (projects, Office, employees, ... ) that you want to include in your template
  3. Any other material that you think we need to know about before designing the template
How to send us your files to us

You can send us all your files but opening a support ticket and send your files to Template Design Department.
  1. Login to your account
  2. On the top menu, click on open ticket button
  3. Choose Template Design Department to open a tickets
  4. Fill up the required information and attach your files from attachments area
  5. When your ready submit your ticket

Your first contact with our designer:
In your first meeting wit our designer, you will be able to consult him regarding and discuss any issue related to design and artwork, our designers a highly skilled and they know our technologies extensively, so please feel free to ask and inquire about anything on your mind.

Project workflow:
  1. First step : is to place order
  2. Second step : Download design kit fill it up
  3. 3rd step : Your first meeting with the designer to discuss and preview your requirement
  4. 4th step : Our designer will provide you with a couple of sketches for your approval (here you can make changes on the design).
  5. 5th step : Delivery of first draft of the template in html format (With your images, Logo and active links).
  6. 6Th step : Compiling the HTML template to a compatible litter template
  7. 7Th step : We will install your new template. then you are done.
COC Certificate:
Customer ownership certificate that grants customer ownership for purchased premium template design.

Project Duration:
As average we might require 2-3 weeks to build your template, but in some cases it might exceed 3-4 weeks depending on volume of template we are designing.
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