How to add affiliated adds on my linxtter website

linxtter allows you to add multiple affiliate ads such as AdSense or other type of ads, This article will help you to understand how to manage these ads in best way possible

Affiliate ad area:
All adds will be displayed under the animated banner on the top of every page on your linxtter website. The area contains maximum of 3 main numbered ad cells (1, 2 and 3). if you wish to ad one addvertisiment only you need to use the first ad cell and keep the reset of the cells hidden or disabled.

In other cases, you might need use 2 ad cells to display 2 advertisment on the ad area? if this is your case you need to enable first ad cell then the second ad cell consequently. in same manner you can use the 3 ad cells to published ads by enabling ad cell 1 then add cell 2 and ad cell3 consequently.

How to enable affiliate ads aria

  1. login to your website dashboard
  2. click settings icon on the left side of the screen
  3. After the page fully loads, scroll down till you see embed Code area
  4. now you can enable ad cells as we mentioned above, choose  the show button for ad cell 1 and click code blue button to past your HTML code into.
  5. When your done, save change and then click the preview eye icon to preview changes

You can also display affiliate ads directly on any content of page on the site by following the steps below:

  1. login to your website dashboard
  2. Locate content or page you want past the ad code into, then click the edit button to enter editing mode.
  3. choose if you wish to add the code to short or full description of the published atricle, then click the source button
  4. Past your affiliate ad code on in proper location of the HTML code of this document
  5. When your done, save change and then click the preview eye icon to preview changes

NOTE: You can only add HTML codes throught your dashboard, other codes like javascript can be added by your dedicated website programer for FREE, Please contact us if any further help required.
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