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With Linxtter Visual Designer

Customizable Widgets 

Create dynamic pages with tones of carefully handcrafted customizable widgets

How does it work

Add widgets

Customize it

Publish content

Embed and share media files

You can embed almost anything on the internet, YouTube, Video, Instagram, ... etc


Inline text editor

Edit text without leaving designer in simple clicks


Dynamic page manager

- Publish multilingual pages
- Unlimited pages and content
- Automatic search engine configuration
- Automatic Google indexing preview
- 100% SEO friendly
- Social media poster cards
- Canonical URL configuration


Dynamic Articles

Publish articles from anywhere, anytime

Wait we have more

Articles SEO Features

Custom Slugs

Customized slugs for better SEO listing

Image ALT Tags

Get found on the net by attaching alt tag to your images

Canonical URL

Control what you want your website to see and interact with


100% SEO Automatic compatibility

Article Access Control

Available on every published article


Grant permission to specific range of users to access this article


Restrict access to specific range of users

Editors Roles

Control editors roles and access level through all area on the dashboard

Log Records

Keep track of what's going on while your gone

User Management

Build your community the way you want it to be

FREE memberships

Offer FREE membership and create your own community

Private Articles

Push articles directly on users private account.

User Roles

Add roles to broaden a users access limits

 Staff Management

Be on the driver’s seat, and lead to success


Add staff admins, Editors, Supervisores, ... etc

Activity Tracking

Keep track of your staff daily activities

Staff Roles

Grant permission and restriction to your staff access limit
Analytics integration

Link your google analytics account to fully automate website performance data.

  1. Sitemap Synchronization 
    Keep your sitemap in sync with google analytics.
  2. Account Linking 
    Link your website with google analytics
  3. Track preformance 
    Track performance and measure results of your marketing strategies

Responsive Technology

Works on all devices and screen sizes


Score High on the eyes of the internet








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