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Last Revised: July 16, 2023

Abuse & Rights Infringement Reporting

Linxtter does all it can to prevent abuse and infringement of rights by use of its website. As you understand, due to the fact that the content on our website is uploaded by the users, we do not have control over all content that is uploaded.

If you have a complaint regarding any content uploaded to our website by any user, please notify us and we will deal with it immediately.

If you wish to information us regarding the submission of abuse complaints. Please contact us via email and send your abuse report to abuse[at] so we can assist you in getting your abuse complaint resolved in an efficient manner.

General Term of Use provides us the ability to remove any content uploaded to our website by a User at our sole and exclusive discretion.

Nevertheless, Linxtter maintains its position as a provider of an Interactive Computer Service, and accordingly is afforded protection from liability of all content posted by its users. As such, Linxtter is unable and doesn't editorialize or otherwise judge the merits of the content posted by our users, or risk losing such protections.

We are unable to comply with requests for the personal information of our members, including email address, IP address, or other.

The above information does not represent legal advice and is provided for informational purposes only. You are advised to receive legal advice on these topics.